Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Mist still blows
______from mouths like smoke
Gingkos litter sidewalks with
______wet white confetti
Cherryblossom & Dogwood
Red Oak & Honey Locust
_________________________Tulips too,
_________________________on Park Avenue

Potholes are also a sign of Spring

D.O.T. workers close off city blocks
and with 450 Cats & 6 ft. screeds
square cut the craters
& pour hot black gravel
poundit all in &
rollit down hard

They've done it for years
_____the exact same way-
this temporary fix they call
_____"hope and pray"
but next Winter the salt,
_____tire chains & plows will
chunkit all up again
& the work will repeat

_________________________Fingers always turning
_________________________the wheel of the world

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