Saturday, February 26, 2011


My feet remember
the stones of Jerusalem
walking in Summer
my sandals in hand
down Yoel Solomon
up the midrechov
& coffee from Bonker's
in Kikar Tzion

sitting at tables
outside The Village Green
singing old songs
'til three a.m.

My feet remember
the grass in the gan
Independence Park
& sticky green plums

& I remember you wrapping my
red jacket 'round your waist
one cold October night
when you'd gotten your period
a hotel clerk let us
clean up in the bathroom
even though we were "freakim"
in from off the street

I remember "the moon"
& those muggy bored nights
bumming cigarettes
from the American Yeshiva kids

& I remember that morning
I was racing to work
at a quarter to eight
and that terrible call
asking me if I was
sitting down

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