Monday, December 27, 2010

12/27/10: 3rd Avenue, First Blizzard of Winter

We walk in sidewalk canyons single file,
heads down, hats pulled low,
eyes squinted against the snow.

The salt men
powder sidewalks.
The plows build
roadside mountains.
Bus tire chains
grind into the asphalt.

It's 22 degrees out,
they say it feels like 4.
By Saturday, they say,
it should be 'bout 51.


dystropica305 said...

Amazing! Love the title of your blog as well. So glad I found that piece of paper you wrote on and was able to find you.

Rachel from the Library in Miami

Avi Frishman said...

Hi Rachel! So good to hear from you. I thought of you yesterday. How're things down Miami way?