Monday, November 22, 2010

11/21/10: Miami

11/21/10: Miami
In Miami, it seems,
they’ve done away with garbage men;
just a driver
and a truck
with those big robotic arms
that come to collect
those big green plastic bins
you know, the ones they have on wheels,
you must’ve seen them

9:03 a. m.
you hear the engines whirr
the lift, and then the thunk-
and then the truck moves on.
He doesn't even need
to leave the comfort of his cabin,
which I think would be just great,
in one of those freak
Miami snowstorms!
"It's progress", they say,
"no one needs to get dirty, and
no one needs to break his back!"

As a matter of fact,
no one's needed much
at all.

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