Friday, September 24, 2010

3D Talking on T.V.

3D talking on T.V.,
one's mind treens planets wide.
Not far from the travelling thrindy
we crossed that great divide.
The sea was full of segrence
that could not be displaced
for there, amongst the grundies, was
a different sort of place.

Our jewell coats shone like flowers
amidst the fields of Crote,
we laughed and talked for hours
'til we were sore of throat!
The prafties sent us skyying
to heights where we could see
we'd come now far beyond
that broken land of Inneskreen.

There was no turning back now
so heftily we turned north
into the light of Parkress
the brightest of the shores.
We'd given all we'd had, we felt
to those who'd least deserved it,
and now it was our time to reap
the treasures we had earned,

but when we got to Parkress,
we found the lights had dimmed
no longer was the city there
beloved of the Thrimme.
The shoreline had eroded, and
the shops had all been shut.
The Kreepers had taken over,
The city was all but dust.

And so our chattle we did heave
again and left this place of gray
forever wandering we will be
to find our way home-- this must be the way.

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