Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We the creators, pledge to adopt and adapt the following:

-To imagine new outlets of expression

-To break former boundaries created both by ourselves and others; in other
words, to treat our past works as "straw dogs".

-To reset parameters so that other less brave or less creative individuals can express themselves within them, while they’re learning themselves and growing their own brave senses of self-expression

-Not to be ruled by preconceived notions of ourselves, our world, or our art-forms

-Not to be confined to only one venue of expression when we might find another medium or style to be more fitting at any given time

-Never to be confined by any external genre, culture, subculture, religion or platform

To add to this list as necessary or desired, and to copy and distribute it as widely as possible.

Together, we will create a non-centrist progressive movement in creative expression. We will recognize that only by being true to ourselves, can we be truly artistically free.

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AstroSphinx said...

Thanks for adding that one to my blogg.. too much too much to talk about.. vibes are telling me hope or the impossible.. the coin is still in the air.. it flips slooooowly.. soooooo slooowly.. sometimes in this split second, I live a lifetime of waiting.. for all those times I had to wait for many hours for that damned bus.. when the world swooooshed around and about my head and I was just a human machine.. trying to land on my feet with every flippy roll and tumble..

and then the here and now lurks in peace of icy lakes and summer days.. as the middle of the world was all in the center of every person at peace.. and it only took the tittering flippy coin in the air in the future to wreak the silence and calm.

Now in the middle of that eye.. a silent storm is overseas, in desperation attempting to run amok... they are called investment bankers.. I got two sides of this negative/positive street telling me how utterly useless I am.. and how my education doesn't serve well the cause, of what ever the cause may be momentarily..

someone once told me that the revolution would never need something such as myself as the painter can only paint the walls of the institutions.. the artist can only work for culture, and when there is no culture or that the idea of beauty and harmony is am I..

but I still fight for beauty.. the beauty of words of ideas of objects of stories... perhaps until my last breath otherwise haunt those who have deemed my value as "none"..